Photographing the Aston Lantern at Homme House

Planning the Shoot at Homme House

Homme House near Ledbury is a stunning stately Home with history dating back to the 1400s. It’s situated in the Herefordshire village of Much Marcle, surrounded by Apple orchards and lush countryside.

When my client Fritz Fryer was looking to photograph the newest addition to their lighting range, Homme House immediately came to mind as a possible venue. Having shot there in the past, I knew the interior would make a great backdrop for their new light, The Aston.

After a visit to the venue, it was clear this was going to work. The hardest part was choosing which of the rooms we’d like to shoot in! Downstairs in the main house alone there’s a choice of at least four rooms, each with their own character and exquisite decor.

We took a number of photos during that visit and held a pre-production meeting. After simplifying the plan several times, we had an idea of how to approach the day and what we wanted to achieve. We would be using just two of the rooms to shoot in. Then if time permitted, there were other locations that could be used.

The Day of the Shoot

On the day, we arrived at 8am to be greeted by the friendly smiling faces of Charlie and Sarah who run Homme House. We unloaded our cars and vans. Fritz Fryer had brought a number of pieces of furniture. I had a car full of studio photography equipment and our stylist for the day, Suzanne Snell, brought a range of accessories from her collection.

The first location was to be the panelled room. We shot a number of different product shots of the Aston, using the panelling as a simple backdrop. As with all photoshoots, getting the first shot set up took the most time. Then we were able to change out the lantern (different glass and casings) to make sure we had a good range of shots.


While we did that, Suzanne, Karen and Zoe arranged the next shots; a series of lifestyle setups. We’d present the lantern in its table mount and on its own without the mount.



The Library

Next, we moved into the library. In the corner, there’s a super-cool grand piano and I knew we had a to try using this as a prop. But first, we used the incredible wallpaper as a backdrop for some more product shots.

Finally, the books themselves had to be used as a backdrop – you simply don’t find this sort of library very often. By tweaking the angle of the studio lights, I was able to put just the right amount of light onto the books behind the lantern. One of my favourite shots of the day is a black and white image of the lantern with the books behind. The texture of the books just cried out for black and white!

With enough time remaining, we also managed to get some shots of other light fittings in the Fritz Fryer range.



After an incredibly fun day, we came away with exactly the photographs my clients had been hoping to achieve.

If you’d like to see more from the day, check out this behind the scenes video I made:



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