Meyer & Marsh Interiors Photography

A Hidden Herefordshire Shopping Destination

About 15 minutes outside Ledbury, in the rolling Herefordshire countryside, there lies a shopping ‘centre’ called The Hop Pocket. Until being contacted by one of its occupants, Meyer and Marsh, I was completely unaware of this place. However, once I arrived, I realised it’s a hidden gem of a location. There are a number of businesses here, including a butcher, a baker (sadly no candlestick maker that I’m aware of), a deli, clothes shops, shoe shops and a garden centre to name a few.

If you walk through several of these shops, you come to the large interiors showroom that is Meyer and Marsh. It was a real surprise as I entered their showroom, seeing how much space they have. As a photographer, this is always a real bonus – we love having space to work in, the more the merrier!

The Brief

The brief for the photo shoot was threefold; headshots of the owner and 5 members of staff, ‘overview’ shots of the shop showing the space and what’s available, plus room set shots showcasing some of the furniture.

The Shoot

On the day of the shoot, everyone was super-prepared and organised (see my blog post on preparing for your photo shoot). We arrived at 8am and I found a suitable location for the head shots. I’m mainly on the lookout for a great backdrop for these, as I planned to light them with artificial lights in any case.

With everyone photographed, I moved on to the ‘overview’ shots. I had plenty of time and space to work in, so I walked around looking at the spaces in order to pick where I would shoot from. I love this process. It takes time and you don’t know when you’ll find it, but if you’re looking and ‘seeing’, you’ll find the shot. I picked out a number of views of the shop which caught my attention.

Next, we moved on to the room set photos. I have to say, I was looking forward to these given how much space there was to work in. We had pre-planned which spaces we’d photograph and Tori at Meyer and Marsh had prioritised them so that we definitely got the ones she most wanted – any others being a bonus after that.

The lighting in the shop was a series of spotlights in the ceiling which could be pointed wherever they were needed. As such, I didn’t use a great deal of my own lighting, just a small ‘ding’ of studio flash to bring up the shadows a little. But being able to adjust the spotlights was great. Shooting tethered to my laptop, I was able to review each shot until the styling and lighting were just as I wanted it.


This was another fun shoot. Tori and the team were fantastic and happy to help with anything I needed moving or adjusting. And, future clients take note – THEY GOT THE BACON SARNIES IN – just sayin’…

Massive thanks to Orphans Press for recommending me and Meyer & Marsh for a great day.