Headshots in Hereford

Twas the Night Before Christmas……and headshots were needed

Well, it wasn’t really the night before Christmas, but it was getting close. I could hear jingle bells in the distance…

Anyway, just before Christmas I had the pleasure of producing a series of headshots for Hereford based Lawyers, Humphrys and Symonds. Being this time of year and being busy lawyers, I needed to be efficient with their time, while also producing the headshots they needed for their new website.

The Location

On arrival at their Hereford offices, I was shown round the building and we decided to use one of the downstairs offices as the venue. The headshots needed to be on a simple background, so the office wall was ideal. Historically, lawyers often have their headshots taken with a wall of brown law books behind them. For these guys (and I think for most lawyers now), it was time for a change. Modern headshots are typically a lot cleaner and crisper, so a simple plain background was needed.

The Setup

Mostly, I tend to light my headshots – which means I use lighting (generally flash) to control the light and get exactly the look I’m after. This enables me to provide consistent headshots, even when a new member of staff joins the company.

My preferred setup at the moment consists of two speedlights, one with a softbox for the key light (the main light on the face of the subject) and then a bare light to provide some light from the side and behind the subject to help them stand out from the background. The other name for headshots is ‘business portraits’ and this type of lighting setup could also be used when making a portrait as well.

Getting the (head)shot

As with any headshot photography, its important people feel comfortable and relaxed when they’re in front of the camera. With a limited amount of time allocated to each person, this process has to be done efficiently. I always try to explain what I’m doing and why it helps them get a better headshot. I’m talking t0 them the whole time and putting people at ease.

I generally like to show people their headshot on the back of the camera. This gives them some confidence in how they look and a chance to check their hair too!

The final headshots

Here are a few of my favourite headshots from the session in Hereford:

What now?

If you’d like to refresh your staff headshots, please contact us now. You’re welcome to come to the studio in Ledbury, or we’re happy to travel to your workplace.

There are a number of other examples on the headshots portfolio page, as well as a behind the scenes video to show what it’s like during a headshot session.