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During recent photography shoots in and around Ledbury, I’ve been making some behind the scenes videos to give an idea of what its like to do a shoot. At first, I found it slightly strange talking into the camera while on my own, or worse, where people could potentially see me! You can see my first video of shooting in Ledbury during sunrise here:


However, I’m starting to get used to that aspect now and (I hope!) looking a bit more natural on the camera. Here’s a video I made while shooting wine bottles for Hay Wines in Ledbury:


The process of creating the videos is really enjoyable. Although my video editing skills are still fairly basic, its fun cutting up the clips and assembling them together. Then there’s the music choice. There are various non-copyrighted music sources on the web and its a fun challenge to go through them and pick out an appropriate track.

Recently, I did a product photography shoot for Hereford based ceramic artist Verity Howard. For this one, we decided together that a drum and bass soundtrack was required! So once back at my Ledbury studio, I assembled the clips and chose a suitable track:

One video which didn’t require me to find a track was for Herefordshire based musician, composer and producer, Alex Attwood. I was photographing Alex while he played his instruments, so I was able to use the music he was playing as part of the video:

For more behind the scenes videos, please head over to my Dan Barker Studios Youtube channel.