CleanMy Hereford – Promotional Video

How can we make this exciting?!

When we were first contacted about producing a promotional video for a company in Hereford who supply cleaning products, we didn’t know what to expect! On the face of it, it doesn’t sound like there’s anything to show except maybe the products on shelves. However, once we’d completed our usual pre-production meeting with Ben and the team at CleanMy, we were very excited.

In our pre-production meetings, we try to understand the business as much as possible. There’s always something which makes a business unique, something which they’re proud of. After all, people are turning up for work every day for some reason, right?

As we learnt more about CleanMy from Ben, the company owner, it soon became apparent what makes them tick – great customer service and the processes they’ve built. After placing an order to the Hereford based business, the process begins. And it runs like clock-work until the essential supplies are delivered to the client the very next day.

The Concept

During the meeting, we came up with a few ideas. We discussed these on our journey back from Hereford. We then had our usual animated discussion back at the studio in Ledbury and developed the ideas into a plan for the shoot.

The idea would be to follow the process from an order being placed through to delivery. Essential to this process is the docket which is printed out in the office. The docket stays with the order the whole way through and is used to check that everything is being packed and delivered.

So we decided this would be the main ‘character’ in the video.

The Shoot

On the day of the shoot, we turned up in Hereford bright and breezy at 7am, ready to shoot the first sequence. Ben had everyone primed and ready. The vans were clean, the warehouse was tidy and the office was immaculate. Its always a real pleasure when our clients are ready for us and ultimately, it makes for a better video.

After the first shots were complete, we had a bit of time to eat breakfast in the sun before the rest of the employees started arriving. It was a pleasant sunny day in Hereford, so we lapped up a bit of Vitamin D!

As we got stuck into the day’s shooting, we worked through our shot list. Getting everything we planned is essential, but there are always new ideas that come to mind on the day. Once you’re there, you see what really goes on in the business and new ideas come along.

One of the shots we were planning was to put the camera in the middle of the road and ask the driver to drive over it! On a country lane just outside Hereford, Samuel got down in the road to line up the shot, while the driver waited for my signal to GO! We needed a couple of attempts at this because cars kept coming along. I had to keep shouting to Samuel to get out the way and we’d start again!

However, after several attempts, we got the shot!

Music for Video

One of my favourite parts of the process of making a promotional video is choosing the music. It’s a good excuse for me to sit down and listen to loads of tracks, selecting the one that best fits the video. It has to fit both the look of the film and the atmosphere we’re trying to portray. In this case, it was something with a good beat which made it feel like the process was moving along efficiently.


After a couple of weeks editing, we delivered the final cut to the client. I’m pleased to say they were as happy with the final video as we are!

The CleanMy video will be used on their new website which is being designed and developed by VoodooChilli in Hereford.

If you’d like a promotional video for your business, contact us now. We offer the one-minute video as a fixed price package. The video can be used on your website and/or social media. See our videography page for more details.