Birmingham Product Photography

The power of the web!

This may seem like an obvious and out of date thing to get excited about. But it still slightly amazes me that I can be found so easily by a company in Birmingham to do their product photography. Located in the centre of Birmingham, Paul Andrew is a new designer label who’ve created a range of men’s suits. I was contacted several months ago with an enquiry for product photography and was only too pleased to be able to help.

Ideal client

When I arrived in Birmingham for the shoot, my client had everything set up and ready to go – which is always great! They had prepared one of their office spaces as a photography studio. Although fairly small, there was plenty of room to work in. The task was to produce some high-quality product photography of the new range of suits. Each would be on a mannequin. We discussed the relative merits of how to show the suits and arrived at a conclusion that would see most of the mannequin cut out, but with the top section left in place.

Providing advice

With my experience in product photography, I feel I’m in a good position to offer advice on how to best represent my client’s products. There are numerous ways to photograph and display most products, as well as numerous ways to lay out a product page on your website. With the suits, we explored a few options and decided to keep it looking ‘clean’ and simple. These are high-end products so it’s important they look that way online.

Additionally, on a shoot such as this, I will always shoot tethered. This means my camera is connected directly to my laptop so that as I take photos, they appear on my laptop instantly. My client is able to view the images as we go along and make sure everything is as they would like. Having the image on a big screen also enables me to check all the details are correct before moving on to the next product – it’s been said that I’m pedantic, I’ll take that as a compliment!

Birmingham Product photography – in Ledbury

Moving forward, Paul Andrew asked me to photograph their new stock at my studio in Ledbury, as it becomes available. They provided me with the mannequins they’d like to use and have been posting the suits to me. I take the photos and return the suits when they’re happy with the images. This system works perfectly and is available to any of my clients, nationwide!



Paul Andrew are currently building their new website with the images I provided to them. When it’s complete, I’ll be sure to update this post with a link.

If you would like to know more about our product photography services, please visit our product photography page. In particular, if you’re interested in catalogue style photography and sending your products to us to be photographed, please see our catalogue product photography page. You can find out more and place an order from here.