Barbertown Worcester Video Production

Last month we had the absolute pleasure of making a one-minute promotional video for local Worcester-based business: BarberTown.

A chain of three gentlemen’s barbers shops – two in Worcester, one in Malvern – BarberTown has been perfecting its unique brand of quality men’s grooming for over 15 years.

The Shoot

After our early morning drive from Ledbury to Worcester, walking into BarberTown was like stepping onto the set of a movie. The walls were festooned with pictures, mirrors and ‘objets d’art’, including a couple of hollow-body electric guitars. Running the length of the shop on the natural wood floor was, of course, a row of classic barber chairs, all beautifully reupholstered.

Greeting us with a smile was Jon, founder and head barber at the main Worcester branch on The Tything. Both he and his team were smartly decked out in tailored suits and brogues. As opening time approached, they began donning their cool brown leather aprons.

Of course, they weren’t the only ones working here today, so we quickly started setting up our cameras and lights.

When the doors opened and customers started flooding in, we had to work hard to keep pace with the five barbers, recording all the various skills and techniques.

As for our own techniques, we used hand-held, gimbal, tripod and dolly shots, which gave us a lot of options in the edit.

On a high-tempo shoot like this, it’s always important to keep your energy levels up – especially when there’s no real time for lunch. A few strategically placed snacks and drinks meant we were able to keep our rhythm and focus.

Another important aspect is planning. We always have a pretty advanced storyboard before heading to a shoot. At the same time, it’s essential to be flexible and open when filming live events.

One of the unexpected pleasures of this particular shoot was seeing how much the customers were enjoying themselves. Chatting with the barbers, enjoying a beer; this was more than just a haircut – it was an experience.

At the end of the day, when the doors had closed, we set up for a shot of the BarberTown team sharing a drink and a laugh at their in-house bar – a very nice way to wind down both the film and the day itself.

We then had time to take a few still portraits of Jon with a well-earned cigar and framed by the shop window. 


All we needed now was some after-dark footage of the shop-front for our final shot. With time in hand before the sun actually set, we said our goodbyes to the BarberTown guys and headed for a burger and pint (we highly recommend The Burger Shop in Worcester – they sorted us out!).

Once darkness had descended, we set up the camera on the opposite side of the road for a head-on shot of the shop window. This was much to the amusement of some of the Worcester locals who were heading for a big Saturday night out! Now illuminated with a warm golden glow, this was the perfect picture to close the film.

A satisfying end to a long and very rewarding day.

The following morning, we did a little bit of barber-work ourselves: combing through the footage, cutting the clips into shape (see what we did there?!), and setting it all to a rockabilly soundtrack from the Delray Rockets – Worcester locals and BarberTown customers.

All that remained was to show Jon and the team the end product. I’m happy to say they were as excited by the results as we had been doing the project. Check it out here:


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